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‘Tis the season for DIY

‘Tis the season for DIY

I’ve been doing a lot of designing on my Mac lately, so I think my brain wanted to channel that creativity into something else for a bit. It all started with creating a tent for my 2-year-old, bc A) eh yea no, I’m not going to spend $150+ for a tent that costs half that for supplies, and B) duh, it’s extra special when it’s homemade. Thennnn it spiraled into a real Susie Homemaker kind of Christmas where I was baking cookies, creating coloring pages, and stitching pillows until 4:00 am Christmas… I said it’s extra special when it’s homemade, right?



1. The Tent
I’m so thankful I live near my parents now, otherwise, none of this would’ve been possible. I saw the tent style (lovely tent from Etsy) I wanted for D, but wasn’t digging the price tag. Once I saw how “easy” it was to make from Pinterest (damn you and your ability to make me think I can do and have everything), I enlisted my parents’ help. We bought all the wood and fabric for $60 (Home Depot and JoAnns), and it took a few afternoons to whip together. As a bonus, the solar system on the black fabric glows in the dark! Some additional things we did to make it extra special: made the window flap toddler friendly by creating velcro ties, created pillows for a cozier experience, looped battery operated lights from Amazon around the top dowel with a small drawstring bag on the back to hold the battery pack, and made a sign from poster board, glue, a free typeface, and an old sweatshirt hood string. In the process, I learned how to use my sewing machine and set out to use my new skills and make pillows for everyone. :p

Toddler Tent Tent tutorial (as a starting point)

2. The Pillows
I first wanted to make D’s tent extra cozy, but then I got so excited that I learned how to use my sewing machine, I had to make an extra special pillow as a thank you to my mom for the lessons. Of course that meant I had to make myself one and I couldn’t leave out my sister or SIL, lol (hence the Xmas Eve 4:00 am stitch fest). It was kind of awesome though, I learned how to make a pillow case and how to sew on a zipper.

pillow set 1 Left pillow tutorial | Right pillow tutorial

pillows set 2 Felt succulent tutorial | Right pillow tutorial

3. The Extras
I also hosted my in-laws for some frosting and decorating of homemade sugar cookies, whipped up some banana bread and mixed berry jam for a gift basket, crafted a wood block for my son to store his crayons (with grandpa’s help ;)), painted ornaments with D’s handprint for grandparents, made my husband his own special ornament, and created some doodles for my nephew’s easel gift. Needless to say, I took it to the max this season.

DIY extras

Cheers to my fellow DIYers!!

We’re Having a Baby!!

We’re Having a Baby!!

My husband and I decided to start a family this past August and on September 4 found out we were expecting! We’re so excited to start this new chapter of our lives together, which should be happening close to May 17, 2015!