A Handful of Eye-Catching Landing Page Designs

A Handful of Eye-Catching Landing Page Designs

One of my current projects at work is designing a landing page for our US team, so I’ve been researching a bit of trends for 2013 in landing pages, and these are some of my favorites I’ve found (funny enough, a lot came from the same designer, Iceberg Landing Page Design).


Flywheel Landing Page Design

I love how layered it feels, especially when you scroll beyond the top of the page and the picture stays while the text moves. Felt like a fresh approach to this style of a site.

Screen Leap

Screen Leap Landing Page Design

Unfortunately, I really liked a screen capture of what must’ve been a previous landing page (seen above), but I think the new landing page is still successful.


TriMaps Landing Page Design

There’s lots of green, maybe too much, but I liked how to the point it was, easy to digest, and find the call-to-action.


Dev Camps Landing Page Design

This is similar to Screen Leap in the sense that I liked the screen capture more than the final result, but I’m still using it because the graphics are nice and the message is clear.

Queen Elizabeth Park Design Competition

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Design Competition

I really liked how they made the landing page simple, graphically interesting, and easy to understand that there are two competitions in such a small space.

For more on landing page designs, check out these great resources:

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