Yay for some lovin’ from OnePageLove.com!

Yay for some lovin’ from OnePageLove.com!

This morning I woke up, did my usual, wandered into the office to check my Google Analytics, and saw I already had 143 hits from around the world and it was only 10 am. I immediately thought my site got hacked.:p Once I delved into the traffic sources a bit more I realized a lot were referrals and from the site OnePageLove.com.

According to their website, “One Page Love showcases the best one page website designs on the internet.” (ballerrrr) I completely forgot I submitted my site to them and I was soooo excited when I saw they decided to feature it. How awesome is that?! I believe they only pick a handful a day so I was super geeked to see they chose mine. Thanks, OnePageLove… Check it out!



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