Out with the old…

Out with the old…

… & in with the new! I finally finished my site redesign, annamonroe.me, after almost a year of knowing it was going to need to be done & months of sketching, research, mock-ups, etc.  There are definitely some parts I love & some that I’ll probably keep changing for the next few weeks until I can claim satisfaction.

Why Now

The last 2 years have brought major changes to my life… took on tons more responsibilities at work, got married (and so did my sister & sister-in-law), lost loved ones, & the change that pushed me to finally update my 2008 non-SEO friendly all Flash website… I left my job, family, & friends behind to move to the east coast with my husband. As sad as I was to leave my home state, I knew this was an opportunity to grow as a designer & I look forward to the challenges that await me. The first challenge, my redesign.

As I said, I’ve been spending the last few months researching, mocking up, laying out, researching, pulling my hair, drinking Yuenglings, designing & preparing for the launch of my new personal site. I really wanted something casual & sprightly like my personality, but clean & to the point like my work. I hope you like what you see, & if you don’t, lemme know, I embrace constructive criticism like a warm blanket (ok, maybe not that much, but I’m always up for self-improvement).

One thought on “Out with the old…

  1. Well here we are again traveling through your new site and being totally amazed at your abilities, so proud of you and how much you’ve grown over the past 4 years. How much more can a parent say – we are so truly proud of you. Mom and Dad

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