Shazam! Another Behance Project!!

Shazam! Another Behance Project!!

As I was putting together my portfolio, I realized I have a lot of work I’ve done over the last three years, and well, even before that with school work. My problem was that I didn’t really have a place to share it, I didn’t want to overload my personal site with miscellaneous projects. That’s where the Behance Network comes in. What I love about this site is it’s free, easy to share work (with other social media networks too), and it’s another place to find future employees/employers. Just the other day I had the luxury of someone contacting ME to see if I was interested in a potential full-time job (warning: ridiculous onomatopoeia ahead)…SHAZZZAMMMM!!!

If you want to check out some of my Behance uploads, visit my portfolio at I’ve got loads of photography, print, web, student, etc. projects up. Make sure to “Appreciate This” at the bottom of each project if you like what you see! 🙂

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