Just call me Jeannie!

Just call me Jeannie!

It’s kinda funny how the minute you’re done with your site everyone assumes you’ll be sending out your resume the next day. Little do they know there’s a lot more than creating an online portfolio that goes into applying again for jobs. There’s a long list of things you need to get done before you go off sending your name out to every local design firm.

So for all the curious folk here’s a little more about what goes into rebranding yourself (more or less):

  • Redesign my website (including sketches, research, mock-ups)
  • Front-end development (with a little back-end)
  • Choose & photograph artwork
  • Publish/share site
  • Maintain an online presence (constant attention)
  • Redesign resume to fit brand
  • Create self-promotion package (business cards, mini portfolio/postcards, cover letters)
  • Print high-res images of artwork for portfolio boards
  • Cut & mount new portfolio boards
  • Apply!

As you can see it’s a long process & I’m sure I even forgot a few things I’ll think of later. There’s a huge satisfaction that comes from accomplishing all of this, but it is a process & if you care about what your work looks like you won’t let the details of even the smallest part of it fall to the wayside. So if you too are trying to get your name back out there or are just redesigning your stuff cuz it’s time, good luck & remember to have fun with it! 🙂

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