A handful of uber creative websites from 2011

A handful of uber creative websites from 2011

Well it’s that time of year again, the time when every web design blogger puts together a list of the trends from 2011. I honestly got close to doing that myself. But I’m still one of those designers who goes out and looks for the posts ABOUT the past and future trends, so I’ll spare everyone from just reiterating someone else’s post. Instead I’ll share some pretty darn cool, adventurous, clean, inspiring websites I’ve seen and personally enjoyed over the last year.


Although this site is done in Flash, it’s still impressive enough to share. The intro video highlights their latest project & is done in a captivating way (if a video about a putter can keep my attention the whole time someone’s doing something right). The image gallery transitions are cool, similar to a jquery lightbox, however, the flipping for each image gets a little annoying after a while. 2011 Webby Award winner.


immersive garden

I actually remember seeing this site a while back. This too is done in Flash, but I love the landing page. It reminds me a lot of Jonathan Yuen’s website, who was a Webby Award winner back in 2007 for his site. Either way, cool imagery, love the simplicity, although you know what was done backend was not simple. 2011 Webby Award nominee.


s.h.e.d. website

It’s not often you see this much effort for an “out for the holidays” notice to customers. I thought it was hilarious, make sure to type something in to see if he can do it. It must’ve been pretty fun being the one to put this together. 2011 Webby Award nominee.



I don’t typically like really busy websites, but this one definitely kept my interest. For it being so cluttered, it’s actually well-organized. I really love the hand drawn instructions he does for making what he just made. 2011 Webby Award winner.

purelv.com (click on the experience)


This site was able to keep my interest by the large imagery used for the background, but what made me use it in this post was mainly just the experience section’s image navigation. I thought it was cool how you can scroll through the images while it keeps the header at the top. 2011 Webby Award winner.


anything project

Really liked the video playing in the background and definitely liked the whole message. Check it out.



I remember when I was making my own site they had a coming soon landing page & I loved the imagery/countdown on it. The different imagery for each page is unique and interesting. The team photos are hilarious.



I saw that this site was made in html5 which grabbed my interest. I haven’t seen too many smaller companies doing html5 unless they’re designers themselves. It’s easy to navigate, imagery (although loads slowly) is beautifully done & the kids are just freakin’ adorable. Had to share. 🙂

There are so many others I’d love to share, but these are the ones that either kept my interest throughout the year or caught my attention while writing this post so feel free to share any sites YOU found to be your favorites for 2011.

Happy holidays!!

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